To develop the website was not an easy task in the past during the time period when web developers were only using HTML. HTML stands for hypertext markup language and it is said that it was employed in the geo cities days in order to generate static web pages. But these days creating of web pages is far simpler and effective way to communicate over the globe because of the advent of PHP.

PHP stands for hypertext preprocessor. It has certain advantages over the HTML as it can perform substantial numbers of functions which HTML was unable to carry out individually. With the PHP define, web site users get interacted to the script of the web site as they can comment on the blog and carry out other activities such as adding their details in the address books on the specific website. PHP define also assist with the facility of calculating the day and making you aware of the exact dates and days. They can also do complex calculations efficiently as there is no one behind the screen who is dealing with the tough calculations and letting you know the correct answers manually in the HTML text form.

PHP define makes your working more compatible by allowing you to get interacted to the MYSQL database. It gives you the chance to get tons of information from the MYSQL database via the website. It also assists you in creation of the dynamic sites and offers you to produce the login function and also permit you to add website search functions in your developed site.

One of the renowned use of PHP define over the html is that that it is widely used in the graphics in order to develop best paintings. It permits you to edit the previous photos by resizing them or by changing their rotation angles and also allows you to do gray scaling etc.

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