Try and remember your childhood, if you are a boy than surely you would remember your favorite toy, in most cases nevertheless the favorite toy of a boy turns out to be an action figure or several action figures as a matter of reality. So what are these little statues, and how come they become so essential?

Well action figures are basically imitations of a well-known cartoon character, or game figure, they are generally masculine and potent so they attract more boys than girls. In contrast to small statues or decoration pieces, action figures have joints in them like we have, but surely couple of in numbers, in fact the most fundamental figure would have five joints one on the neck, two on the shoulders on two on the hips. Although there are some figures out there who are a lot more mobile like you can move their feet even. These days even adults buy action figures but they do absolutely nothing rather than just collect them, like they would just buy the whole set of their favorite league of super heroes and etc.

An action figures of a super hero is rather a challenge given that you would supply with the accessories of the hero, and of course with some of its abilities. These accessories are absolutely nothing more than projectiles going here there due to a simple, but efficient, spring mechanism. As for abilities well the Transformers figures would explain it far better, because their action figures can transform in to a car from a robot and then back in to a car. Some of them though had some serious kick in them, like the joker figure was a lot more like a water gun, when used.

So play with them or put them on a shelf, action figures attract men no matter what age they may be of.

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